Anna Liseth

Hues Of Light Editing Course

You’re here! I am excited for you! That means you’re ready to learn and ready to grow!

A photographer is an artist. We see the world as a story. And our job is to illustrate the story so people can look through and remember their favorite chapters in full detail.

Part of illustrating is capturing the moments while they happen. But the other side to our artwork is the post-process, where we take our illustrations and add color, depth, and more feeling. In a sense, our photo is a canvas and Lightroom contains our brushes and paint.

My editing course takes you through Lightroom with hours of videos to watch at your own pace. I go over topics like Lightroom panels, an in depth look at using the masking feature , brushes, how to edit skin tones, how to edit greens, wardrobe styling and how that plays a roll in editing, using my presets, and even creating your own presets! There is so much more included but these are just some of the topics!

What's Included:

  • 15 Presets
  • 21 Brushes
  • Hours of video content going over Lightroom panels, presets, editing and more!
  • Access to my private facebook group
  • Continued educational resources
    And growth!!
  • $500 total!

We can’t grow if we aren’t willing to fuel our minds with the material needed to allow us to bloom!

Check out some examples from the pack down below!

Payment plan now available!

2 monthly payments of $250

*Please email me if you would like the payment plan option*